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Whether this is your first video or your 100th, whether you are a professional or just starting out,  here you can find how to learn a new technique or about some new hardware that can help you in your making better videos. I have been making films for 50 years and now my sons also are learning, so come along with me and learn with me, how to go about making better video.

How to videos with a difference -  Exercises to help you in making better video 

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Location. Its where everything starts
Lighting Basics and Reflectors. The location needs improving
Sound. The second most important thing about video
Prepare. You don't need a script but you do need a plan
The Camera I have a camera/phone now I can make a video. Wrong.
The Talent. Who you watch the stars of the video
Props People move - they need to interact with things.
The equipment. Making better videos requires a little bit extra
Basic Techniques Some of the basics to get you going.
The team, all those needed to make a production a success.
The Lenses. Move the image without moving everything else
More cameras more work. But there are alternatives
The editor - cheap or expensive it makes the difference
Foley. The sounds that you expected and needed to hear but didn't
Colour Grading - making it all look beautiful or thematic

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Posted on Jan 27, 2022

The tripod and the things that you can do with one. For the small video production team which can often be only one person then a tripod really is a must. The hand held selfie is just far to wobbly and is often distracting. If you are sitting a little way away from the camera then you need a tripod.

Posted on Jan 25, 2022

The over the shoulder shot. This is great for interviews and family interactions. placing the camera behind the ear of one person shows the interaction of the communication.

Posted on Jan 23, 2022

The extreme closeup
This is similar to the closeup but tends to focus on a particular aspect of the face often this is the eyes. Sometimes the image can be distorted to create an effect.