Unboxing the Lens and first look

A good prime telephoto for portaits on a MFT camera

A good Portrait style lens

The 35mm Meike lens is our 4th in the series of these lens. The series so far are all rated at T2.2 and the lenses are nearly the same size.

The lens we bought was with a MFT mount for our Blackmagic 4K Pocket Cinema Camera, which we made the video on.

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Manual Focus and Aperature

  • Lens Construction of 10 elements in 8 groups
  • circular bokeh
  • 10 aperature blades
  • smooth focus and apature ring movement
  • 655g inc UV filter
  • Max T2.2 min T22
  • Close focus ).51m/1.7ft
  • Lens can focus past infinity

Crisp Images

Purchased from Cinegear, the lens came well packaged and secure. Unboxing was an effort but one I didn't mind at all. Thje lens has a all metal construction, with the apature ring closest to the mount. This is stepless, ideal for a cinema lens.
The distance is measured in ft and metres which will keep both my son and wife happy. The movement from infinity to the closest focusing distance of 1.7ft or  0.51m has a trvel of 270 degress ( 3/4 of a rotation, which is about the limit of my hand turning ability. Both the aperature and the focus rings are stepped which easily allowed my focus wheel to attach. Like the rest of the set this lens takes a 77mm filter, which means that you can share your ND filters. The lens is slightly longer than the rest of the set, but the focus and aperature rings are in the same place.

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